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Jay Veal
Jay Veal
With no background as a professional network marketer, Jay Veal rose to the top compensation level in his chosen network marketing endeavor in his first 14 months in the business!   A real person, with real results.  If this is your first foray into network marketing or if you have tried a dozen companies before with no success, Jay’s fundamental concepts and simple, duplicable system can be your foundation for success.
Jay came from humble beginnings in Milledgeville, Georgia.  At an early age he had a burning desire to succeed.   From the start, Jay was a student of duplication, leverage and business ownership, embarking on a summer business in brick cleaning at age fourteen.  After numerous life lessons, successes and failures, Jay struck massive success in the healthcare industry in 1998.  That year, Jay founded a national anesthesia staffing firm that rose through the ranks to reside amongst the largest players in the industry today.  This taste of success only reinforced his mission for life-long financial and time freedom.
Says Jay, “My success in anesthesia has afforded my family the opportunity to experience lifestyle.  Our lifestyle of time freedom and financial success has far exceeded my concept of what was possible.  It has certainly reinforced my resolve to not only move forward, but to never go back!  Now, I see an opportunity to help others tear down their limitations imposed by self and society.   We can all achieve great things if we can dream big and apply the proper motivation to a few fundamental concepts.  In network marketing, there is no advanced education or specialized experience required.”
When a friend introduced Jay to his current network marketing endeavor it all just made sense!  Finally, a way to help anyone willing to think outside the box and take action to create an opportunity to own their own business.   Not only that, but an opportunity with unlimited upside potential.  Vehicle in hand, Jay began sharing the idea and today he leads a huge team of individuals who strive for personal success as professional network marketers.  His rapid ascent within the profession and his matter-of-fact approach has made Jay a favorite among his peers.
A sought after speaker, motivator, and success coach, Jay resides in Georgia with his sons, Max and Clark.   He travels extensively to share his message with others who seek time and financial freedom through the life-changing residual income streams only available through professional network marketing.
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