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Who Wants to be Somebody?


Who wants to be somebody? Everybody wants to be somebody! I do, you do, your neighbor does; everyone does at some level. The question is: do you believe you can do it? Can you win? Can you be the special person that deep down you aspire to be? Do you have the heart of an eagle? Do you have a burning desire to be somebody? Or have you allowed society and life to beat you down, to stifle your desire to win?    Whether you need to light that fire for the first time or just need to stoke the coals of an earlier burn, this book is for you.

What People Are Saying...

“Wanted to tell you how much I enjoyed your book. I finished reading it in two nights, couldn't put it down.  Congratulations, I was moved, blessed, inspired, it truly touched my heart."
-Gloria K.

“You nailed it! This book is a masterpiece, it humbled me, moved me and touch me. This book is a must read.”
-Bryan C.

“I couldn’t put this book down, I stayed up until 3:00a.m. reading it”. Very well organized and easy to read.”
-Tom H.

“I have read many books in my life but, I have only read four from cover to cover without stopping, WHO WANTS TO BE SOMEBODY is one of them."

“We are honored to have Al as our friend, the book was very touching and inspiring.”
-Bill and Diane

"I am honored, truly honored, to have received the personally autographed copy of your recent book, Who Wants to be Somebody?.  I was totally surprised and had no idea you had written such a book.  I will have this book read between now and the end of the Baltimore launch weekend event on April 30th.  It will be underlined and marked and I am certain I will be quoting you for a long time to come!  About twelve years ago I received another autographed book from someone I played golf with before he made it to the 'big time'.  His name was, and is, Robert Kiyosaki.  So now I can boast I have another book by an author who no doubt will also have a major impact on the lives of many, many people."
-Kirk N.

A book review by T.C. Cox

Who Wants to be Somebody?

Everybody Wants to be Somebody! By Al Gonzalez with Donna Geisinger

“ The Will to Win” could also be a worthy title for this book because that is exactly what this book is really about; the will of Al Gonzalez to win, to be somebody. Al invites you into his living room and in his own casual, very comfortable way tells one at a time fourteen stories, each one vital to the tale and each one in a different way making Al’s point. Do you really want to be somebody?

Just listen as Al sits across from you and tells his stories. Every story tells you: “Don’t think you are stuck where you are; you can change your circumstances by changing yourself and you can become the person you really want to become. You can always better your best!”   This is a living ballad because Al Gonzalez is living, and helping others to change for the better, move up and be better people. This book tells a story, a history and it is a very personal story. Al Gonzalez includes the good, the not-so-good, and the sort of ugly features of his personal growth from a field hand in the desert like area of Brownsville, Texas to his military experiences to his personal successes and financial independence and freedom.

It is told in sections based on special events which made important changes in Al’s life progress. The first section includes chapters 1-5. Here Al describes his early life in hot, dry, impoverished Brownsville, Texas. In chapter 6 Al breaks out and begins his long and challenging road to a better life. Chapter 7 relates the problems of trying to join the military for the opportunity to serve. Chapters 8-10 outline Al’s military experience. Once accepted into the U.S. Army, Al’s personal growth really begins and the next 22 years changes him from a boy to a man. Education, hard work, combat experience, and self determination mold Al Gonzalez into a man ready for real opportunity. He wants more than ever to become a person of influence and financial independence. Chapters 11 and 12 introduce Al to a new opportunity, new lessons and a new life.

In chapter 13 Al Gonzalez, a man of success, influence, and financial freedom issues his challenge, his call to action for all who want to be somebody. Al speaks plainly to his reader, his audience and takes away all the silly excuses by the example of his own struggle. Finally in chapter 14 Al shares the stories of others who have wanted to be somebody and fought against great odds for as Al’s own life illustrates, success toward any goal requires a price, bigger goals require a bigger price and greater efforts sometimes over long periods.

Al Gonzalez says:  “Look inside yourself, you’ll find a champion. Don’t be afraid to go to the top of the mountain, the view is beautiful from the top. Good luck on your journey and may all your dreams come true. You are special and you are somebody.”


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True words of hope and inspiration from a Legend!
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I laughed; I cried; I am inspired; I am changed. I have loved Al and Jan Gonzalez from the moment I met them, and Al's book is a testimony to the man, person, soldier he is. He has totally given of himself in this book - for us. He gives us a very candid insight into his life, his journey, his arrival. He is truly a Legend! Who Wants to be Somebody is an inspirational, true story of transformation that can and will occur once we DECIDE and COMMIT. Thank you, Al, for your love of people and life and for sharing this with us all.
Posted by Missy H Verified Buyer
03/30/2011 - 10:03 AM
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